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Nelson & Fe Rio Cancer Center

Don’t count the days, make the days count.

Dr. Nelson & Fe Rio were contemporaries of our founder, Dr. Luther Z. Ramiro, with whom they dedicated their lies to the healing of not only the body but the spirits of all who sought their help. In close partnership and mutual support, both started a legacy of providing quality hospital-based health care services, as a commitment and expression of their shared faith.

Towards the last years of their lives, both Dr. Nelson and Dr. Fe Rio were stricken with cancer. They went through difficult times physically and eventually succumbed to the destructive nature of the disease. The Center is dedicated to these two Christian medical pioneers in Bohol for their healing ministry and as a symbol of their triumph in spirit over a dreadful disease through a faith that overcomes all fear.

As the first private facility dedicated to cancer care, the Rio Cancer Care Center started with visiting oncologist staff from Cebu and a room in the ORO Rehab Complex. This year, the Center will find a new home in the new Infusion Center at the 4th floor of the LZR Pavilion.


Out-patient chemotherapy
Pain management
Nutritional counseling

Renal Unit

Kidney diseases affects Kidney diseases, especially End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), are already the 7th leading cause of death among the Filipinos. One Filipino develops chronic renal failure every hour or about 120 Filipinos per million population per year. More than 5,000 Filipino patients are presently undergoing dialysis and approximately 1.1 million people worldwide are on renal replacement therapy.

Being the first in Bohol, our Renal Unit is equipped with state of the art dialysis machines and specially trained renal nurses. We deliver excellent dialysis care through continuous quality improvement and a focus on superior customer service through dedication and compassion every day

A new and bigger Unit will open in the LZR Pavilion within the year to accommodate more patients. The FGI-compliant Unit will house 20 machines from Fresenius Philippines each in its own cubicle affording a private and tranquil session.

Heart & Vascular Center

In 1990, Ramiro Community Hospital gave Bohol its first non–invasive diagnostic facility for heart diseases. This heralded the arrival of the province’s first cardiac specialist in the person of Dr. Jane R. Ramiro (Dr. Luther Z. Ramiro’s eldest in-law).

Since then, the hospital has been at the forefront in cardiovascular care pioneering 2D echocardiography and stress/exercise testing. Our Heart Center is staffed with competent cardiovascular technologists and adult & pediatric cardiologists.

Collaborating with the Imaging Service, we are now capable of coronary and peripheral CT angiography and vascular ultrasound studies.


An Electrocardiogram

2D Echo

An Electrocardiogram


An Electrocardiogram


Repiratory Unit

This is the province’s first full-service Unit dedicated to the respiratory system and the myriad of disorders that affect it.

The unit is composed of the Pulmonary Function Testing Laboratory, Bronchoscopy Unit and the TB DOTS Center. Run by respiratory therapists, pulmonologists and technicians, we screen patients at risk for lung disease, evaluate their symptoms and the effect of lung disease on lung function.

We ensure our patients are comfortable as possible during the testing process.




Lung Volumes

Lung Diffusion Capacity


6-minute walk test

Oximetry with ambulation


Portable Oxygen



Digestive Health Unit

The Digestive Health Unit was the first center in the province dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of disorders along the gastrointestinal tract and digestive organs.

The Unit will be integrated into the new Specialty Center at the 3rd floor of LZR Pavilion and will feature the latest equipment for diagnostic and interventional endoscopy


TB DOTS Center

In our country, tuberculosis is the sixth leading cause of death and at least 73 people die of this disease daily. The hospital’s accomplished Tuberculosis Direct Observed Treatment Strategy (TBDOTS) Center is the first hospital-based DOTS Clinic.

Our Center is known nationwide for its pioneering best practices and impressive case rates in detecting and treating TB patients. It has been awarded by USAID for this exemplary performance.

DOTS Treatment
Sputum Microscopy

Neurosciences Unit

In March 2006, the hospital opened its Computed Tomography Section of the Radiology Department and the services for neurosurgery of the Surgery Department. The desire to pursue the development of related diagnostic services as an electroencephalogram machine (EEG) was realized by the second quarter of the year as the first in the province.

This endeavor was highly advocated by Dr. Arlene Pesquira. With her pioneering spirit, she dedicated herself to the care of Boholanos for more than 10 years until her passing. Currently, the practice of neuroscience is being handled by a group of specialized physicians for adult and child neurology and for brain surgery at the Bohol Neurosciences Center located at the Ground floor of the hospital, North Wing.

A new out-patient component of the unit will be inaugurated at the Specialty Center in the LZR Pavilion. The unit will soon launch a new Stroke Unit in the new Critical Care Complex staffed by trained neurologic nurses and neurologists and will offer thrombolysis as an option.


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